ACASS Receives IS-BAO Stage 3 Registration

Montreal, 17 October 2017 — We are proud to announce that we have received IS-BAO Stage 3 registration from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). This prestigious designation verifies that Safety Management System (SMS) activities are fully integrated into ACASS’s aircraft management operations and that a positive safety culture is consistently sustained.

“We are very proud of this recognition of our commitment to unsurpassed operational safety and the advances we have made since our first IS-BAO Stage 1 registration in 2008,” said Jean Valiquette, ACASS VP of Operations. “It is also a clear recognition of the exceptional safety culture sustained by our staff around the world.”

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations was introduced by IBAC in 2003. It is a code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve a superior level of safety and professionalism. The IS-BAO Stage 3 registration is the highest level registration issued by IBAC and has been awarded to only a select group of aircraft operators worldwide. Audits are conducted every two years to ensure conformance with the standards and recommended practices.

“Safety is obviously the bedrock of everything we do and all of the support services we provide,” said Andre Khury, ACASS President and CEO. “Achieving the IS-BAO Stage 3 registration will not stop our commitment to continual improvement and recognition as one of the safest and best aircraft management companies in the world.”

The IS-BAO Stage 3 registration comes on the heels of ACASS adding its 25th mid-to-large-size business jet under management, a milestone Khury says reflects the company’s commitment to carefully controlled growth.

“The timing of the Stage 3 registration and our 25th managed aircraft isn’t coincidence,” said Khury. “I think it demonstrates that while we are deliberately growing, we haven’t lost sight of our focus on safety and maintaining a personal touch.”

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“ This market requires expertise and experience with local civil aviation authorities, as well as deep cultural awareness and sensitivity. ACASS excels in all of these areas.”

Jason Liao

Chairman & CEO CBAJET