Company Overview

ACASS is a worldwide provider of highly customized support services for business aviation. For over 20 years, we have been empowering leaders and visionaries to own their journeys with cohesive, best-in-class services and world-class expertise.

ACASS’s unsurpassed international experience covers all the regions of the world and is particularly extensive in India, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, and South America. We have wide-ranging knowledge of aviation regulations worldwide, especially in emerging countries, where we maintain strong relationships with civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies.

Our commitment to safety and professionalism is second to none—extending far beyond our recognition as an IS-BAO compliant aviation organization. At ACASS, professionalism means infusing every service we provide with integrity, respect, discretion, and an acute mindfulness of global cultural distinctions.

Our complete and integrated range of operational support business aviation services includes:


CAMO Accredited in Bermuda & Caymans

ACASS is now the only Fixed Wing Organization in the Americas to offer CAMO services for Cayman Islands registered aircraft and one of only two for Bermuda registered aircraft.
ACASS is IS-BAO registered

International Standards in Business Aviation Operations

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“ Wherever you are, ACASS will go above and beyond to support you. This is not an empty promise. It’s a genuine commitment to the aircraft owners and operators, the business jet manufacturers, and the aviation advisors who make our success possible.”

Andre Khury

President & CEO ACASS


ACASS is a proud member of

ABA forum on Air and Space Law