At ACASS, safety is our number one priority at all times, in every aspect of our day-to-day operation. We actively seek out and employ the latest and most trusted safety protocols and certifications to manage risk, ensure compliance, and assure your confidence.


International Standards in Business Aviation OperationsWe are one of the very few aviation companies to be registered to the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), a stringent and highly regarded international standard for operational excellence, safety and professional best practices. Issued by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), IS-BAO is similar to an ISO-9000 standard of practices, but specifically formulated for the business aviation community.


ARGUS Gold Rated

ACASS Custom Gold Logo thumpACASS has been audited by ARGUS® International and certified to meet all current Gold Rating requirements, including, but not limited to, maintaining complete, current, and accurate data in the ARGUS CHEQ system suitable for producing an ARGUS TripCHEQ report. We requested this audit to give you an extra level of confidence and assurance in the uncompromising safety standards we demand of all ACASS-handled crew, ground staff, and aircraft.

The ARGUS audit is a true process audit administered by trained and experienced aviation auditing professionals to evaluate the operator against industry best practice standards.

Jean Valiquette
International Aircraft Operations and Safety Manager

Andre Khury
President & CEO

Safety Management System (SMS)

The cornerstone of IS-BAO is the Safety Management System, a set of tools and procedures designed to help business aircraft operators proactively identify and manage risks to enhance safety throughout the operation. ACASS is at the forefront of SMS compliance support and implementation.

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“ This market requires expertise and experience with local civil aviation authorities, as well as deep cultural awareness and sensitivity. ACASS excels in all of these areas.”

Jason Liao

Chairman & CEO CBAJET



SMS Expertise

Senior ACASS management has experience working with internationally recognized civil aviation authorities, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in delivering SMS workshops and implementation services.

SMS Compliance Experience

  • Angola: Challenger 605
  • Brazil: Challenger 605
  • Canada: Challenger 604
  • Canada: Challenger 601
  • Canada: Learjet 35
  • Canada: Hawker 700A
  • Nigeria: Challenger 604
  • Nigeria: Global XRS
  • Russia: Challenger 601
  • UAE: Gulfstream 550
  • Ukraine: Challenger 604
  • Ukraine: Challenger 300

ACASS benefits and unique advantages

Two SMS compliance options

ACASS can help you achieve SMS compliance by guiding you through IS-BAO registration or flying you under ACASS operation for minimal disruption and cost.


  • Option 1 – File for IS-BAO registration

ACASS can assist business aircraft owners and operators in achieving their SMS objectives by guiding them through a structured 5-step process to file and prepare for the IS-BAO audit. Our gap analysis, with IS-BAO standards as the benchmark, will identify the solutions to implement, including a comprehensive SMS. We support you through the entire process to ensure all criteria to successfully obtain the registration are met.


  • Option 2 – Fly under ACASS operation

ACASS offers turnkey Flight Operations support services to aircraft owners and operators, which ensures IS-BAO and SMS compliance without the requirement to file for their own independent registration. This transitional service is designed to help an organization comply with SMS standards while minimizing disruption and cost.

Increased return on investment

The implementation of an SMS results in increased efficiency and a more safety conscious environment for your organization. This directly impacts the processes governing the management and operation of your aircraft, making them more streamlined and more efficient.


Experts in aviation regulations

Wide-ranging knowledge of aviation regulations worldwide, especially in emerging countries. Strong relationships maintained with their civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies.


Unparalleled international expertise

Extensive real-world experience and vital working knowledge in the following regions: India, Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, South-East Asia, North and South America.