1985 DHC 6-300

S/N 816

Aircraft Description

This aircraft is configured for nineteen passengers. The floor plan features
six left hand side two-place forward facing seats opposite five right hand
side single forward facing seats, followed by two single forward-facing
seats in the rear. The baggage compartment and baggage extension
shelf are accessible from the exterior.

The exterior is overall Matterhorn white with two-tone blue accent stripes.


  • Equipped with EGPWS MK-VI
  • Nineteen passenger seats configuration


  • Year of manufacture: 1985
  • Year of delivery: 1985


  • Left and right pilot primary flight displays and PFD controllers
  • Upper and lower center MFD displays
  • MFD controller, including keyboard
  • Display reversion control panel
  • Flight director panel
  • Flight management system
  • Dual channel, dual source air data and AHRS system
  • Dual multi-mode digital radio (MMDR) with VHF com, VHF Nav, ADF
    and Glideslope
  • ART 2000 weather radar
  • King KRA 405B radar altimeter
  • Dual KGS 200 GPS installation
  • Honeywell MK VI Class A TAWS (EGPWS)
  • Dual KXP 2290 Mode S diversity (EHS) transponders
  • KTA 910 TCAS I
  • Dual KN-63 DME
  • GH3100 electronic standby instrument system ESIS
  • One magnetic standby compass
  • 406 MHz ELT with navigation interface
  • Honeywell AR-120 120 minute solid-state CVR
  • One Thommen quartz chronometer
  • Dual KMA 29 Audio Panel
  • Aural warning system
  • Cabin address system with independent amplifier
  • Two 14v convenience outlets in flight compartment

Engines & APU

  • Engine: PT6 A27
  • TSN#1: 13,664
  • CSN#1: 14,908
  • TSN#2: 12,303
  • CSN#2: 16,107

Additional Equipment

  • Max take-off weight: 12,500 LB
  • Max landing weight: 12,300 LB
  • Max usable fuel: 375 US GAL
  • Max payload full fuel: 5,106 LB
  • Max payload: 2,586 LB
  • Range: 771 NM

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