Our IS-BAO-certified turnkey Aircraft Management Program offers uncompromising safety, lower operational costs, and efficient asset management to aircraft owners around the world.

Aircraft Management Services

Flight Operations

  • Startup checklist, including certificates (C of A, C of R, etc.), licenses (Radio, etc.), LOA’s (RVSM, MNPS, RNP5, RNP10, etc.), and more
  • Flight crew (pilots, engineers, flight attendants) employment, supervision, and training
  • Regulatory compliances, including Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Flight planning and scheduling
  • Tail control: aircraft movement online tracking system


Finance & Accounting

  • Comprehensive and customized monthly and annual financial reporting (expenses and savings breakdowns, expense correlations, online access to original receipts, client audit…)
  • Third-party contracts, agreements, and programs (ex: insurance)

Project Management

  • Dedicated Project Manager for single point of contact


Maintenance Oversight

  • Warranty programs and subscriptions
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance management and supervision
  • Invoice auditing and reconciliation


CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) Maintenance/Compliance

  • As a CAMO, ACASS will arrange maintenance from an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)
  • Coordinate scheduled maintenance, application of airworthiness directives, replacement of life-limited components, and components maintenance requirements
  • Arrange corrective action for defects discovered during scheduled maintenance or reported during operations
  • Manage and archive all technical records

ACASS Benefits & Unique Advantages

Short or long-term programs
Highly adaptive turnkey programs to accommodate the unique requirements of each client. Monthly and yearly management programs available as well as aircraft Entry Into Service (EIS) startup support with gradual transition into an autonomous client operation.

Significant cost savings
Advantageous pricing on fuel, insurance, crew training, and more through strong partnerships and purchasing power.

Experts in aviation regulations
Wide-ranging knowledge of aviation regulations worldwide, especially in emerging countries. Strong relationships maintained with civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies.

Complete invoicing transparency
All maintenance costs are handled by ACASS on the client’s behalf and are re-billed to them following thorough verification.

IS-BAO registered and POC holder
ACASS offers the highest levels of professionalism and operating best practices, exacting safety standards, and enhanced collaboration with regulators. All of this is ensured by our International Standards for Business Aviation Operation (IS-BAO) certification and Safety Management System (SMS).

Unparalleled international expertise
Extensive real-world experience and vital working knowledge in the following regions: India, Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, North and South America.

Key relationships
Global network of contacts, including relationships with major aircraft manufacturers and aviation service providers, facilitating the handling of warranties, maintenance program coverage, training, and more.

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“ Attention to detail and unique experience are what set ACASS apart from the rest.”

Ron Dennis

CEO & Chairman McLaren Group Limited