Entry Into Service (EIS) of a high performance business jet in an emerging market is a unique experience and requires customized operational support. ACASS has the expertise to guide you during and after the delivery of your new or pre-owned aircraft.

EIS Support Services

Pilots, Engineers & Flight Attendants

  • Initial/recurrent type training, international procedures, RVSM
  • Visas and validations processing


Regulatory and Flight Operations

  • Aircraft registration & import/export
  • Certificates (C of R, C of A, etc.) and licenses (Radio, etc.)
  • Letters of Authorization (RVSM, MNPS, RNP5, RNP10, RNAV, etc.)
  • Country-specific civil aviation authority regulations
  • FMS database and Jeppesen


  • Test and acceptance flights
  • Warranty, subscriptions & programs (JSSI, Smart Parts, MSP, SATCOM, etc.)


Mandatory Manuals

  • Operating and reference manuals (SOPs, POM, Intl Ops, etc.)
  • Safety Management System (SMS)

ACASS benefits and unique advantages

The overwhelming number of tasks and the complexity of the aviation regulatory environment can incur frustrating and costly delays which keep you from taking advantage of your valuable asset. ACASS can support you through every step of this process thanks to its proven EIS management services.

EIS pioneers and world leaders

ACASS is spearheading the EIS space with a well structured planning and implementation process designed to let our clients take advantage of their aircraft in an efficient and timely manner, anywhere in the world.


Unparalleled international expertise

Extensive real-world experience and vital working knowledge in the following regions: India, Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, South-East Asia, North and South America.


Experts in aviation regulations

Wide-ranging knowledge of aviation regulations worldwide, especially in emerging countries. Strong relationships maintained with their civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies.

Cultural awareness & sensitivity

ACASS is aware and mindful of the varied cultural distinctions around the world. Utmost respect and discretion are paramount to our success.


Key relationships

Extensive experience with civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies, enabling ACASS to efficiently obtain visas and foreign license validations.

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“ This market requires expertise and experience with local civil aviation authorities, as well as deep cultural awareness and sensitivity. ACASS excels in all of these areas.”

Jason Liao

Chairman & CEO CBAJET