There is more to a business jet ferry flight than simply flying from point A to point B. ACASS’ comprehensive Ferry & Delivery service covers all the requirements for the mission, including entry into service, flight crews, insurance, regulatory compliance and much more.

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Ferry & Delivery Services

Regulatory Compliance

ACASS will arrange and obtain important aircraft documentation including:

  • Certificate of Registration (C of R)
  • Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) / Export C of A
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • FCC Radio License


Customizable Services

  • Accommodation Title Holder / Temporary Title Transfer
  • Letter of Authorization for RVSM/MNPS
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Aircraft acceptance
  • Acceptance/test flights
  • Equipment rental (life raft, survival equipment, etc.)
  • Ferry fuel tank installation and removal

Operational Support

  • Flight planning
  • Overflight/landing permits
  • TSA
  • Customs
  • eAPIS
  • Handling
  • Flight following


Flight Crew Staffing

  • Qualified & experienced pilots and aviation professionals
  • Visas and validations
  • Pilot scheduling and pilot management
  • Airfares, accommodations, transportation, etc.

ACASS benefits and unique advantages

Comprehensive, world-class service

ACASS’s knowledge and experience of business aviation allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of customized Ferry & Delivery services tailored to meet their specific needs.

  • Our Flight Operations team ensures all regulatory and operational requirements are met;
  • Our Flight Crew Staffing team secures the best crew for each mission and obtains all necessary visas and/or validations;
  • Our Logistics team monitors and secures all flight permits in addition to planning and tracking all aircraft movements;
  • Our Legal team organizes the transfer of title as required.


Industry-leading $300M insurance

Our client’s asset demands full protection. ACASS’ Ferry & Delivery service is offered with an industry-leading US $300M insurance coverage, which demonstrates our level of commitment in providing premium business aviation services to discerning clients on a global scale.


Safety Management System (SMS)

Safety is ACASS’ number one priority and our IS-BAO certified Safety Management System (SMS) ensures the highest safety standards are met at all times. All of our pilots also attend regular training to maintain currency in regulatory and safety matters.

Entry Into Service support

ACASS offers Entry Into Service (EIS) support to owners and operators of new and pre-owned aircraft. Before the scheduled ferry or delivery, we ensure all regulatory, operational and administrative requirements are met to obtain flight permissions.


Unparalleled international experience

ACASS has extensive experience with civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies all over the world, with a specialty in the following regions: India, Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, South-East Asia, North and South America.


World’s largest provider of pilots

Since 1994, ACASS has supplied pilots and engineers to aircraft manufacturers, owners and operators in over 56 countries on 5 continents. Our global pilot database, which is the largest in the world, enables us to provide a quick response and fast turnaround for all aircraft type.

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“ Jetcraft needs a dependable, highly professional partner to ensure efficient and flexible Entry Into Service, Ferry & Delivery, and Pilot Support. ACASS offers these services and more with utmost dedication, a high sense of purpose and an unfaltering eye on client satisfaction.”

Chad Anderson

President, Jetcraft Corporation